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Improved Vision for Macular Degeneration


Even with reduced vision caused by glaucoma, diabetic

retinopathy or RP it is possible to achieve improved vision with

E-scoop® lens.

The E-scoop® loupe lens has a special curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating.  These qualities together will project the light onto different parts of the retina and can improve your vision dramatically.

The result of the E-scoop® lens is different for each person. 

E-scoop® lenses can offer:

  • Partial Recovery of a part of the central vision
  • Reduction of the sensitivity for day and sunlight
  • Better recognition of details, contrast and depth

How does E-scoop® work?

E-scoop® is a patented loupe spectacle lens, which is built on a number of basic optical features:

  • The thickness and curve of the lens ensures a magnification of 6% for distance.
  • The prismatic effect of the lens causes the light to reflect to a different part of the macula, that of higher quality.
  • The base of the prism is up, because research shows that the lower part of the retina generally suffers the most damage. So with E-scoop the image is shifted upwards to a healthier part of the macula.
  • The yellow colour provides more contrast and a reduction of the sensitivity for daylight and sunlight.
  • The anti-reflection coating helps to reduce glare.

Is E-scoop® available in other tints?

  • E-scoop® lenses are available in clear, yellow and brown
  • Yellow is preferred because of the improvement in contrast and glare reduction. Brown can be used for sunglasses
  • If supplied clear, sensitivity to light and glare is increased


Single Vision Only. 

Fitted to either:

  • A clip-on
  • Glazed to a full-rim spectacle frame.
  • The best results are achieved in plastic or metal full-rim oval frames, which are slightly curved and not too large.
  • Rimless and Supra frames are not suitable because of the thickness prism and curve of the lens.


  • Adaptation to E-scoop® is quick.
  • For those who derive benefit from E-scoop® spectacles the positive effect is experienced directly.

For all enquires please call or email David Hantman on

020 8904 9214 or info@dhantman.com

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